Unique Things To Do On Valentines Day

Published: 03rd February 2009
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Yearly on February 14th that special observance just for our valentines is celebrated. I am speaking of course about Valentines Day.

Every Year we overrun with tips about securing the most superb, tenderest gift. But just what is the proper tribute?

Is it the biggest bouquet of flowers, the largest box of candy or the most expensive romantic meal? How about a hunk of sparkly diamonds?

All of these ideas are okay, they're just not very original. Anyone can go to the nearest jeweler or candy store, pull out some cash and purchase what they feel is required to awe their valentine.

There are even lists that go so far as to advocate giving gift certificates. It doesn't matter if the certificate is for, a gift certificate essentially says, this is what your value is to me.

Don't misunderstand, those gifts can be some of the Valentines Day celebration, they just shouldn't be your whole plan.

To make Valentines Day really impressive you should let your creative side out to exhibit itself. To do this you need to try a different tact, you need to discover unique ways to express your love to the best part of your life.

Consider This A Test

Look at Valentines Day as a test. Not a test where you get graded, but rather a test of your knowledge of your significant other.

Prepare by actually listening to and observing your Lover. Watch what they find interesting in shops. Look for the times when they find an item in the newspaper that catches their interest.

Think about the bonds between you. Is there something that you used to share when you were first together that has overtime given way to the hustle and bustle of life?

When planning for Valentines Day consider that the greatest gift that you can give your lover is a gift of time. Time to spend with you, special time for themselves, so be creative.

Present the day as a series of gifts, not here's the roses and chocolates, now it's off to dinner. A series of small gifts or surprises that lead up to something truly special will make this Valentines Day the most memorable ever.

So Here Are A Few Ideas.

-Commence the day by offering a beautiful red rose and a short poem when they wake. The poem doesn't have to be epic, it just needs to be sincere and express your feelings.

-If your sweetheart is the one that always prepares breakfast, you do it. Place an IOU next to the plate that gives your lover the gift of your time for whatever they may want.

-Take their auto and clean it inside and out. Don't tell them about what you have done, just do it and let them to find it on their own.

-Think of a special activity that includes both of you. It makes no difference if it's rock climbing, swimming at the beach, dancing, hiking or a bike ride. The goal is that it be an activity that you both will get a kick out of all the more because both of you are doing it.

-If there is an activity that your Valentine has been trying to get you to do or try, this day would be a ideal time to do it, together. Have they been wanting you to exercise, go for a walk, take a dance lesson, go to a special movie, go rollerskating or whatever.

The simple truth is that whatever you do doesn't have to be mushy romantic. The romance will come from the knowledge that you have truly listened and responded to the one you love.

Then treat them out to that special night out, give them the flowers and chocolates and buy them some nice jewelry. They are the love of your life!

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